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Exmouth Community College

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121 Tutoring

Through the use of government funding and also the Pupil Premium, we work with a 1-2-1 tutoring partner to offer gap filling and grade boosting support to our students.

We initially target year 11 students who are preparing for their GCSEs by offering them the chance to have an online tutor in one of their core subjects.  These are 10-week sessions designed to support students to achieve their best.

Lessons are much more than a video call. They all happen in a tailor-made, interactive lesson space. Tutors are able to bring tricky concepts to life with interactive exercises, draw diagrams as they go.  They are also able to annotate homework and practice questions together with their tutees.  We really value this kind of academic support as it is targeted specifically to the needs of the students.

We do ask that attendance is kept high as three missed lessons may well mean removal from the programme.

If you would like more information on our 1-2-1 tutoring programme, please email