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Year 11 Update

Dear Parents & Carers


Year 11 Update and Leaving Arrangements – May 2021

First of all, thank you for your understanding and support over recent weeks as we have implemented the Government guidance, as it was provided to us, on Assessment Awarded Grades leading to the mini-assessment period.

Our students have shown great maturity and focus during this time and deserve a huge well done for their work in preparation for their mini-assessments. Staff will continue to provide the opportunity for students to revise for the remaining few. Please be aware that in some subjects, such as Languages, additional assessments are needed and students will be written to specifically about this.

Post Mini-Assessments: Once the mini-assessments are finished, staff will deliver any remaining content for their courses that the students have studied, obviously with no assessment, to ensure that each qualification has been completed. We feel that this is important for the integrity of student's education and obviously in view of their continued education, training and employment.

Some subjects will give a real-world slant to their delivery, such as in Maths, helping students navigate the world of bank accounts, bills, loans, mobile phone contracts etc., which I am sure you will agree is so important to their adult life.

Staff as always, will be creative and will look to plan enjoyable sessions, so Business Students, prepare yourselves for the Dragons Den!

Expectations including attendance and uniform: We will continue to expect students to meet all college expectations including wearing the College uniform well, with full attendance until half term and being punctual to all lessons. Students must not leave site at any point during the day for obvious safeguarding and educational reasons. Unfortunately, we will not be able to authorise absences if students stay at home to study before half term. We will continue to record all such information that will subsequently be contained in future references.

Mini-assessments missed through absence: On the afternoons of Wednesday 5th May / Thursday 6th May and throughout the day of Friday 7th May, we will be providing a 'catch - up' opportunity for students who have missed their mini-assessments. Our starting point for this will be the absences on the relevant days and assessments likely missed as a result. Information will be sent to those students with specific details.

Students must ‘remain local’ and be available to come into the College should there be any issue with regards to their assessment evidence for grading. Their grades will be set by the College before the 18th June 2021, which is the deadline for all results to be sent to the examination boards.

Signing off process: Students will be given a 'signing off' form which they will be required to complete, gaining signatures from relevant staff before returning to their tutor. The form itself will require signature from;

· Teachers in return for books and resources

· Student's with a College laptop must return them to the SEN Department on Gipsy Lane site.

Library books will also be checked and returns or payments will need to be completed (signature not needed). This form will need to be completed before Monday 24th May.

Supporting transition into Exmouth College Sixth Form: For those Year 11 students who are coming back to Sixth Form in September, these students will be invited to return to the College, after May Half Term to attend a number of lessons and complete some Post 16 preparatory tasks in relevant subjects. Students will receive a timetable and more detailed information about these sessions. The purpose of these sessions will be to help support the transition from Key Stage 4 to Key Stage 5. In the absence of a Parents Evening this year due to Covid disruption, that took us very quickly into preparation for evidence awarded grades, we are planning a Parents Evening in the last half term, supporting student's progression into Post 16 at ECC.

Supporting transition to other providers: For those students who are not returning to Sixth Form and therefore attending other providers, we would encourage you to contact them to find out about their transition packages. We are aware that the majority of establishments will be offering transition or bridging work onto next steps.

Last Day / Leaving celebration / Prom: We are planning to hold an end of term assembly, in accordance with Covid regulations, on their last day which will be Friday 28th May. This will be an opportunity for students to hear a few parting words from members of the SLT and Key Stage Team, to bring in a shirt for signing and to enjoy being together as a Year Group for the final time. In view of the road map unfolding and opening up of restrictions, we are actively exploring plans for holding a 'Prom' which may be slightly different to previous years, particularly as we have major road works being undertaken along the seafront but may still give an opportunity to celebrate together. Please hold the date of Thursday 15th July and we will send a Forms Quiz asking for the students' thoughts and preferences about this.

We would like to reiterate how proud we are of the way in which our Year 11 students have coped with the challenges of this past year. They have worked hard and shown incredible maturity and resilience. Your support throughout the last 5 years has been incredible and we are privileged to work in and benefit from an amazing community.

If you would like to discuss any of the information in this letter, please do not hesitate to contact myself or Mr Findel-Hawkins.

Yours sincerely,

Dave Holt

Assistant Principal

Ben Findel-Hawkins

Head of Year 11

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