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Post-16 Results 2022


As families will be aware, the past few years have been unprecedented and very difficult for many students both academically and pastorally. We recognise that for some of our students it has been an exceptionally hard time and we are very proud of what they have all achieved today whatever their journey has been.

At the College, it has been fantastic to see so many of our students celebrating their achievements this morning and looking forward to embarking on their next steps, whatever they might be, from a gap year to an apprenticeship to university.

Overall we are thrilled with the achievements of our students this year and we have achieved our highest ever results. 

As you will see from the press, grades have increased this year from 2019 (the last year of external examinations) and we are delighted that our results have also increased at a higher rate than nationally.

Whilst nationally the number of A* and A grades have increased from 2019  by 10.7% across the country, we have increased our A* and A grades by 13.5% and we have seen a similar increase for the number of B grades where nationally these have grown by 11.1% but we have increased by 14.8%. The proportions of student achieving A*-A, A*-B and A*-C grades are at the highest level we have recorded in external exams since A Levels were reformed in 2018. 

These results are testament to the hard work of our students and staff, both teaching and support, who have supported them over the past few years. As we often say to students, we want our young people to have the best range of choices possible and these results will allow students to go onto employment, apprenticeships, gap years and university.

In terms of university, 40% of our cohort have chosen to go to university next year of which 33% are at Russell group universities (subject to clearing processes). Two students have secured places at the University of Warwick to study English Language with Linguistics and Biochemistry, University of York to study Sociology and Primary Education at Durham University. We also have a student who is off to University of St Andrews (an 8 hour drive!) to study Psychology. 

We are also incredibly proud to have a student who has gained a place on a degree level apprenticeship in Accountancy and another who has is awaiting confirmation of their place on a degree level apprenticeship in Engineering. 

Each of our students receiving results today will have their own stories to tell, whether that is about family circumstances, the battles of learning from home or worries about what those final examinations would look like. Each of them will also have been on an amazing journey and shared those experiences with our incredible Post-16 team, their tutors and teachers. Our staff know it has been really tough for many of our students which is why we are so exceptionally proud of their individual achievements and the way they have persevered to overcome the barriers they have often faced. 

Finally, I am sure the students would wish to join me in thanking parents, carers and other family members for all of their support during their time in Post-16 and in many cases for the five years at the College before that. Thanks should also go to all the staff, both teaching and support, involved in helping students achieve these fantastic results. From the Post-16 team led by Ms Craddock and ably supported pastorally and academically this year by Ms Thomas, Ms Bush, Mr Prior and Ms Collingwood as well as a great team of teachers, tutors and other support staff who make it their priority to know our students incredibly well, and support them every step of the way through their Post16 journey at Exmouth Community College. Thank you all.

Andrew Davis


Exmouth Community College