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January Update from Mr Inman

Dear Parents and Carers,


I hope you are all well, have survived the January blues, and that any New Year's resolutions are still going strong.


Please find a link below to a video update that reflects on some of our January changes and talks, in particular, about further consultation opportunities for parents as we look forwards to future developments, especially as we look towards next September:


As mentioned in the video, we would really appreciate your views, as parents, on the impact of the January changes so that we can continue to consider our next steps going forwards.


As parents and carers, please can I re-emphasise the huge importance of attendance at school. We have seen an improvement in attendance this academic year and the majority of students have excellent attendance, but this needs to be the case for all students. Every single day matters, and all the research (and our own experience) links higher attendance with higher achievement and better mental health. The loss of learning has the largest impact on the individual, but it affects everyone in the school and by the school and parents/ carers working together to improve attendance we can support our whole community and serve your children the best we possibly can.


Can I also please reinforce the importance of keeping a close watch of ClassCharts, ideally through the 'app' (please contact the school if you need any help with this). We know that most of you do, which is great, but it is so important that you are able to discuss any issues from the day with your child. We will be making a few changes to our settings from next week. Where previously we have sometimes 'held back' information around a specific incident to confirm any consequence, this is sometimes meaning that parents are occasionally not being informed of issues that take place in the day.  We know this isn't ideal, and this information will now be shared in more 'real time', even if the decision on the consequence comes later (usually later that day). 


Where you have a question about an incident that has taken place at school, please understand that it is sometimes very hard for us to respond to queries during the day. We would ask that you wait to speak with your child first, so that they can explain the incident. Where there is a particular need, we will of course be in direct contact during the day.


With many thanks for all your ongoing support.


Tom Inman.