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GCSE/Level 2 Results 2021

Very well done to all our Year 11 and Year 12 students receiving their GCSE/Level 2 results today.

As I said earlier in the week when talking about Post-16 grades, these results have been awarded according to a new system which schools across the country have had to create following the Department for Education’s decision to cancel external examinations in March this year due to Covid.

This will mean that the results will be very difficult to compare to previous years since our assessment process was different to the normal end of year exams. We chose to collect evidence of the achievement of our students across a range of evidence points to give each individual student the best chance to show what they were capable of in a range of assessments. Thanks to the hard work of our students this has led to an excellent set of results for them to take forward and build upon.

This absolutely does not mean that what our students have achieved is any less valuable than previous years but it is different. Indeed, in some respects being consistently successful across five different evidence points requires even more work, dedication and commitment than just pulling out all the stops for a final examination which might suit some students but which others find really difficult.

I am therefore sure that the whole community will be really proud of what these students have achieved given the huge disruption to their learning over the past 18 months.

In any year each individual student has their own story to tell about their journey and the barriers they have had to overcome. In a time of Covid, these barriers are only amplified by issues such as struggling with remote learning, difficult family circumstances and new assessment systems. We understand and recognise those difficulties and by working together with students and their families have achieved some phenomenal results.

So as you move onto the next stage in your life, whether that is with us in Post-16 or elsewhere, we wish you the best of luck. I hope you are very proud of what you were achieved (we certainly are) but use your results and experiences this year wisely in the next stage of your education so that you can become the very best version of yourself that you possibly can be. If you are still unsure about what to do next year or indeed if, at the start of the Autumn Term, you change your mind about your chosen option please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to see how we can help.

As always, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the parents, carers and family members for all their help in supporting our young people over the past five years.

I also sure the students would wish to join me in thanking all the staff, teaching and support staff, involved in helping students achieve these fantastic results. From the Key Stage 4 team led by Mr Holt and ably supported pastorally and academically this year by Mr Findel-Hawkins, Mrs O’Donnell, Mrs Luff, Mr Taylor and Mrs Hewitt in KS4 student reception, Mrs Rowsell and Mrs Needham in KS4 study centre, our SEND, Pupil Premium and STEPs teams as well as a great team of teachers, tutors and other support staff.

As your Head of Year, Mr Findel-Hawkins summed up,

“I have been so impressed with the way that this year group have worked during their GCSEs. They have had to cope with everything that the COVID pandemic has thrown at them and have somehow managed to do this whilst remaining positive and focused on their studies. They deserve the very best and it’s so good to see so many of them achieving such good grades today. We wish them all the best in their futures and we are really looking forward to seeing so many of them returning to us in post 16. It is always a very proud day as a head of year but particularly so this year.”

Well done to you all – despite all of the trials we have faced together you have been a fantastic group of young people and a privilege to work with!

All the best.

Andrew Davis