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Yr. 11 Message

A message to our Yr. 11 students from Andrew Davis and the Yr. 11 Team

Dear Year 11,

I am so very sorry your year turned out the way that it did and that you missed a number of events that I know many of you had been looking forward to and planning for months, if not years.

Equally, I know some of you are feeling a bit cheated - since throughout your time at school you had worked hard and wanted to prove what great students you were in those final exams. We are certain you would have done that.

We also know that some of you have really missed school and are both worried, and excited, about returning to education in September.

We get that you are feeling this way.

For staff, particularly those Year 11 teachers who had developed great working relationships with you and put in so much extra time, they have feel very much the same way.

I want you to know that, whatever the outcomes in the Summer, we stick by what I, Mrs Merry and many others told you many times over the last few months;

We know you were, and are, a great year group.

A year group not defined by what happened to them through no fault of their own.

A year group not defined by whatever their results might look like in the Summer.


A year group defined by fantastic individuals who staff greatly enjoy working with; making us laugh, amazing us with your thoughts and work, as well as occasionally making us tear our hair out since we thought you could work even harder or wear your uniform smarter! All because we really cared about how you did.

A year group defined by the way they faced incredibly difficult circumstance with strength, humility and maturity.

A year group defined by the pride that every member of staff and our community felt for them in those difficult moments.

A year group that we hope will be defined by joining Post-16 in September to finish off their journey with us, show everyone what we know you are truly capable of and once again work with those staff that know you so well and really care about you.

We hope you enjoy your Prom videos and I am really sorry we couldn't all be together to watch it but…. we will get you your Prom at some point!

Take care and we hope to see you all soon.

Andrew Davis - Principal