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Year 7 Latin

Update from Miss Bundy

As a part of our commitment to offering our students a broad and personalised curriculum, we are able to offer some of our students the chance to study Latin in Year 7. Latin – the language spoken by the Romans – enriches our students’ understanding of the modern ‘Romance’ languages that evolved from Latin (among them Spanish and French), and develops the students’ knowledge of English grammar and vocabulary.

In previous years, students wishing to study Latin would sit a ‘Latin Entrance Exam’ at the end of Year 6. This test, when combined with the students’ SATs results, decided which students would join the Latin programme.

However, due to the ‘unusual circumstances’ that we find ourselves in, we have made the decision to postpone the Latin Entrance Exam until the school is able to fully open once more. If the circumstances allow it, potential Latinists will sit the exam – which tests the students’ reading comprehension, verbal and non-verbal reasoning skills – shortly after they begin their studies with us at Exmouth Community College.

If you have any queries about the Latin programme, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me via email. 

I look forward to meeting my Year 7 Latinists next year!

Miss Rachel Bundy - Classics Coordinator at Exmouth Community College