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Exmouth Community College

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Welcoming back students to ECC

Some of our Yr 10 & Yr 12 return for face-to-face teaching sessions today

Dear Parents and Carers,

I just wanted to say we have had a really great morning teaching Year 10 and Year 12 students. Attendance was excellent with almost all students turning up to their session and I think the students were genuinely excited to get back into their learning. In our system, students spend time with their actual teacher and so this helped academically since staff know what students have, or haven't been doing, over the past three months but also socially so that staff can provide reassurance to students they know well.

You can see from the photos the process of students queueing up for their sessions and receiving a safety briefing, entering the block and sanitising and then finally in their Year 10 and 12 sessions.

Speaking to many students as they left, students were really glad to be back and staff themselves were delighted to back teaching physically in front of their classes and directly interacting with their students.

We will keep the processes under review and if things continue to go well look at ways to safely expand our provision over the coming days while remaining mindful of the Government guidance around split days and only having a quarter of students in the College.

Thank you once again for your support,

Andrew Davis - Principal