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Update for Yr. 10 Face-to-Face Sessions

Information from Principal Andrew Davis

Dear Parents and Carers,

We will be sending out the details of the face-to-face sessions for Year 10 students tomorrow. 

We believe that it is most educationally beneficial for a child to spend these face to face sessions with their normal class teacher wherever possible. This means the sessions will be more effective since their teacher will  

  • have already established strong relationships with the student

  • understand the work that has, and will, be set

  • know which students have, or haven't, been submitting work and so may need extension materials or extra support. 

In order to do this, as opposed to straight forward tutorials with any teacher, it has meant the writing of a complex timetable which is further complicated by the Department for Education's insistence that schools can't use split day timetables. 

We are hoping that this rule might be relaxed which will then allow us to further expand our provision so that we can offer face to face sessions for students in more subjects over the remainder of the term. Due to the regulations around social distancing, class sizes will be between 5 and 8 and numbers of children on site will start low, however, should things go well we may be able to expand provision as the rules allow. Initially each 2 hour session will be for English, Maths and Science. Sessions for other subjects may take place later in the term (though the split day rule makes this difficult) or in September should we need to.

We will also be continuing to provide full time education for vulnerable and keyworker children alongside developing the blended approach of some face to face sessions and distance learning through Microsoft Teams. 

  • Please note that students should bring their own equipment in for their session since lending equipment will be complicated due to the potential for cross contamination.

  • Students do not need to wear school uniform but should wear clothes that can be washed easily and at the end of each sessions to kill any virus.

  • Please encourage your child to go directly to and from school and to avoid socialising on the way. 

  • We will not be able to provide lunches but students can bring a bottle for water with them.

We are also in the process of producing a video to show you how we have modified the site in preparation for more students returning. In addition, you will shortly receive a power point presentation to go through explaining key facts about the safe return to College.

It is also worth noting that we are monitoring very carefully the increasing R rate (the number that one person with the virus will infect) for the South West. We also recognise that overall infections in the South West are low and that the R rate for Devon covers a very large area. If the R rate continues to rise though it may affect the Government's advice about opening and cause a further delay.

Many thanks for your ongoing support.


Andrew Davis