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Returning to ECC

A student and parent perspective - an email today from a parent to principal Mr Davis

Dear Mr Davis

Our daughter has just returned from her first college session and we wanted to say what a positive experience she has had. 

She was understandably very anxious in the run-up to today but from the moment she arrived at the gates, she says she just got increasingly happier and relaxed. She reported that each and every member of staff was so lovely – so happy to see her – and so understanding about how she and her friends might be feeling. That was their priority. She was also anxious about the expectations her teacher (or any of her teachers) might have about work done at home over recent months. Again, she reports that her teacher was ‘amazing. Really reassuring and just human.’ Our daughter REALLY enjoyed the experience of being taught again and it has given her a boost in confidence to carry on working at home. Thank you to her staff. 😊

She was literally beaming when she got home. As an aside, as parents, her reports about impeccable cleanliness, routines, clarity about health and safety seem exemplar, including the staff’s ability to manage when the planned system had a hiccup. It has left her – and us – thoroughly reassured about the school’s abilities to keep her and her friends as safe as is possible in these circumstances. 

Excellent planning, excellent execution, and most importantly for us, excellent human skills 😊

Thank you. Sincerely.

PS Our daughter has encouraged us to contact you in this way (which is powerful testimony in itself)