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Physical Education - Stay Healthy!

Advice from UK Active and Sport England is staying active is an important part of remaining healthy and protecting against coronavirus.

Daily physical activity is really important in order to keep a healthy mind and body.

Have fun and if the government guidelines allow, get outside and play in gardens. Enjoy some fresh air.

Where possible, go for a run; enjoy a walk and/or a workout.

THE BODY COACH WORKOUT – some great sessions.

Fitness Calendar:

Just dance:

10-minute workout ideas:

Couch to 5km:

Strava-Log your walks/ runs/ cycles to see your progress over time

ECC PE Challenges

Challenge your friends and family, record your scores each week and tweet them with a picture to @exmouthccsport

1 Minute Push Up Challenge

Do as many Push Ups as you can in 1 minute. Be strict with your technique (all the way down, all the way up).  Record your score.


Body Coach HIIT Session

Complete a 10 minute Joe Wicks Body Coach HIIT session of your choice. Do this with as many people as you like! You will find the HIIT sessions on his YouTube page.


1 Minute Sit Up Challenge

Do as many Sit Ups as you can in 1 minute. Be strict with your technique (no swinging arms/holding legs). Record your score.


Longest Plank Challenge

Hold a Plank position for as long as you can!  Record your score


1 Minute Lunge Jump Challenge

Do as many Lunge Jumps as you can in 1 minute. Be strict with your technique (bottom of the lunge should show right angles at the knee joints). Record your score.


1 Minute Step Up Challenge

How many step ups can you do in 1 minute. Use your stairs or garden steps. Record your score.