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Exmouth Community College

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Othello Visit

Last week, a group of Yr 11s attended a Sixth Form Conference to explore Shakepeare's 'Othello'.

 The day included a tour of Shakespeare's birthplace and lectures delivered by dynamic academics.  The day allowed Yr 11s to both recap their study of this play ahead of next year's Literature exams, but also to experience a range of new themes, perspectives and readings of the play. 

"I found the conference very helpful because they introduced new perspectives we hadn't focused on in class." Lily Rochester

"The trip was really good; it was engaging and I enjoyed it" Mia Heeley

Students who attended:

  • Holly Mae-Newlands
  • Evie Armitage
  • Mia Heeley
  • Amelia Henderson
  • Lily Rochester
  • Justin Sweeney
  • Catherine Tooze
  • Erin Asselman