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Exmouth Community College

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Ongoing Support

Pastoral and Financial Support 

Dear Parents/Carers,

Now we are ten weeks into lock down, we are aware that many families personal circumstance may well have continued to changed significantly during this time.

If your income is significantly reduced, then you may be eligible for £15 a week towards shopping from the government.  You can find out by filling out an easy form on this website:

Some families and young people may be experiencing personal difficulties at this time.  We have an extremely strong pastoral system at Exmouth College and are proud in the support we have been giving families during this time.  

A simple phone call and chat can help alleviate anxiety for young people (and their parents).  If you would like to make contact with our pastoral teams for anything then please use the details below to get in touch with any of our pastoral teams.

We hope all families are well and staying safe during these unprecedented times.

Year 7 

Ms Thorn (Year Head)

Year 8 

Ms Leslie (Year Head)

Year 9

Mr Dawkins (Year Head)

Year 10

Mr Findel-Hawkins (Year Head)

Year 11

Mrs Merry (Year Head)

Post 16

Ms Thomas

Pupil Progress Team

Mrs Hunter

Nick Smith - Assistant Principal