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Information for Examination Students

Update from Andrew Davis following news from Ofqual today

Dear Parents/Carers,

I hope this communication finds you and your family well.

Earlier in the week we communicated with all students who had examinations cancelled this Summer. Today, all schools received further guidance on how the examinations in the Summer will be assessed. 

The link below will take you to this guidance which, in essence, states that teachers will provide a grade based on the grade the student "would most likely to have achieved if they had sat their exams" based on a range of evidence which will then be ranked across the cohort of students entered for each subject (this process of ranking is normal and usually happens at a national level when all exams have been completed). 

These centre assessed grades will then undergo "statistical standardisation" and fine tuning applied to all schools. If a school appears to be too generous or harsh in the grades it awards then the exam boards will adjust marks accordingly.

The guidance clearly states that we will not be allowed to share our centre assessment grades with students, parents or carers under any circumstances until final grades have been issued since they may change due to the process of "statistical standardisation"

The examination boards are hoping to get results out as soon as possible and hopefully according to Ofqual "released a little earlier" than when they were expected in August.

There is also a letter from Ofqual aimed at the students affected which can be found at:

I very much hope this provides some clarity for the students and eases their concerns about the process. 

As Head of Centre I have great confidence in the ability of our staff, who know their students really well and are experienced professionals, to get this process correct and make sure that all students are treated fairly with judgements based on a range of evidence over time to ensure students are not disadvantaged by these unprecedented circumstances.


Andrew Davis - Principal