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Help with Home Learning

Tips to help with home learning

MAKE A PLAN! In school we use timetables. Create your own. Agree on an amount of time to focus on school work every week day. And put subjects in order. Children thrive on a routine. They know what’s coming and what they have already done.

KEEP CALM! There is enough going on right now without the added pressure of worrying about your child’s progress. A little and often is the best tip. Try to spend a least a few hours once or twice a day learning. That doesn’t just have to be school work.

THEY BECOME THE TEACHER! The best way for children to learn is to talk about what it is they are learning. Ask them to teach you about what they are learning. Take an interest.

SPACE. Give them space to work. A clear bit of table. Somewhere they can focus. Avoid doing school work on a bed. The brain gets confused and they will start to struggle to fall asleep at bed time.

REWARDS! Discuss together what suitable rewards you can have in place. A meal. A snack. Gaming time. Social media time. Maybe they can bank their rewards to get something bigger over the weeks. We all love to be told we are doing well!  And it feels good to have earned a reward.

BE CONSISTENT! Use the timetable to ensure that learning time, down time, family time etc all take place. Don’t allow learning time to take place as and when they or you feel like it. 

GET UP! Lies ins are for the weekend! Get up and get going. Joe Wick’s PE lessons live on YouTube every weekday at 9am are a great way to start the day and get the brain moving! 

PLAN A FUTURE! Think about the future! Take about what their career aspirations are. Take the time to research how to get there. This will give them focus for when they return to school. It doesn’t matter if they are Year 7 or year 12, having a goal in sight gives you drive. Even if that goal changes! 

TAKE A BREAK! Get outdoors. Get some fresh air! If you have one, go out in the garden! If not, you are allowed one trip out for exercise a day. But please remember social distancing rules! Eat well and try to switch off!

LEARNING IS ALL AROUND US! Find the learning in day to day activities. Ask for help with the cooking. Give them a budget for a food shop for the week and use an online supermarket to work out what to buy. Set challenges! Watch documentary’s on catch up or online. 

GET CREATIVE! Paint, colour, draw! Maybe even get some help with decorating!

Remember staff will be setting work on Classcharts. Some staff may be unwell at certain points to please be patient if the amount of work being set differs in quantity from day to day. If you need help please ask! There are also lots of online learning websites that are great for students to visit! 

Philippa Rowe - Social Media Team/Drama Teacher PGCE/NQT Coordinator