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ECC Making Face Shields

The D&T department supporting the need for PPE

Last week the School Science department donated some spare PPE equipment to Rolle medical practice. Following on from this on Monday ECC Design and Technology Department was approached by Dr Jane Aitken from Claremont Medical Surgery asking if we could help make some face shields for the Covid assessment centre that has been set up next to the Exmouth Health Centre. She originally asked if we could 3D print them but unfortunately this was not possible as our 3D printers use the wrong type of plastic that is not durable enough for the needs of a face shield.

Myself and my Head of Department, Sarah Browne managed come up with some designs that could be cut on our laser cutter. Yesterday we were able to get into the workshop and produce 3 different prototype designs. These were then taken to Claremont surgery where the doctors are going to access their suitability (I am still waiting to hear back from them). As soon as the design has been approved, we will produce them, At the moment we have enough material to make around 30-40 face shields.

We are fortunate at Exmouth to be well supported in Technology by the school Governors and our Head, Andrew Davis. Many schools are closing their Design and Technology departments and unprecedented times like these shows how important Design & Technology is to the school curriculum.

Kris Greaves - D&T Teacher

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