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Autumnal Safety Campaign

A message from David Whelan, Community Safety and Anti-Social Behaviour Co-ordinator for the East and Mid Devon Community Safety Partnership.

Dear Parent or Carer,

For a number of years we have been writing to you concerning the Partnership’s annual Autumnal Safety Campaign as we continue to remain committed to tackling anti social behaviour in both districts. No doubt many of you will have received a similar letter from us in previous years. I have taken over from Gerry Moore and wish to continue this key safety campaign.

The Campaign is about reducing the anti social behaviour associated with Halloween on 31st October, Bonfire Night on 5th November and the days leading up to them. Thanks to the cooperation from parents and carers in the past and also with the assistance of local retailers and the Police, I am pleased to say that over the years our campaign has been successful and reports of anti social behaviour in East Devon at the above times of the year, still remain relatively low.

Having said all that there continues to be some incidents involving the throwing of eggs and flour and problems concerning loud fireworks and the misuse of them. It goes without saying that such incidents cause alarm and distress to certain members of the community. Some older and also other vulnerable people do get very frightened by this type of behaviour and again it cannot be emphasised too much the fear that even one or two incidents can cause. Many of you have parents, other relatives and friends who are elderly and I feel sure that you would not want them to be alarmed by such irresponsible acts. Once again I ask you to advise your children that this type of activity is anti social as it is likely to cause unnecessary alarm and distress.

‘Trick or Treat’ under adult supervision is of course acceptable but please be sure of the whereabouts of your children if they engage in this type of activity. Many people still don’t like answering the door to callers taking part in this and often get both frightened and concerned.

Police Officers do pay particular attention at this time of the year in order to monitor behaviour but I hope that if we all work together reports of anti social behaviour will continue to remain low.

Yours sincerely,

David Whelan

Community Safety and Anti Social Behaviour Co-ordinator.