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Exmouth Community College

Exmouth Community CollegeAcademy Trust

Contact during Coronavirus closure

While the College is closed, teachers will be setting work on a regular basis on Class Charts. 'How to' information is attached at the bottom of the page (if you do not have the log in details, please email your child's tutor or  in the first instance). Lots of resources will be available via RM Unify: If you have any queries about accessing RM Unify, please email 

If you have queries regarding the work itself, please use the subject contacts, under Subject Specific Enquiries here.

If there is a pastoral issue you would like us to know about, please email your child's tutor (scroll down the page to find contact details) in the first instance so we can update our records and be ready to support your child on their return.

As well as their email address we are also providing a mobile number to contact the Heads of Year.  Please only use this during normal College hours (8:30am - 3:00pm):



Head of Year


07377 865048

Anne Thorn


07827 918023

Sarah Leslie


07377 865045

Gavin Dawkins


07377 865047

Ben Findel-Hawkins


07748 635855

Roxy Merry


07377 865044

Hannah Thomas

Tutor & Yr. Group Email Address


N Hopton 7a1 

L Jubb 7a2  

R Willcocks 7a3 

K Hall 7a4 

C Rackham  7a5 

B Cross 7b1

E Gill 7b2

A Pearson 7b3

S Williams 7b4

L Dugdale 7c1

D Johnson 7c2

J Lucas 7c3

H Williams 7c4


E Williams 8a1

J Watson 8a2

L Lowe 8a3

S Browne 8a4

M Moran 8a5

H Jenkins 8b1

A Kyriacou 8b2

A Cacicedo-Hough 8b3

M Skinner 8b4

M Phare 8c1

L Vowden 8c2

C Raybould-Gooding 8c3

P Stock 8c4


S Souter 9a1

R Burman 9a2

W Walshaw 9a3

C Mooney 9a4

P Jeffery 9a5

E Messer 9b1

C Weller 9b2

C Gibbon 9b3

J Turner 9b4

M Wilkinson 9c1

D Mustin 9c2

A Hamblin 9c3

S Byrne 9c4


G Mills 10P1

S Eloff 10P2

N Rigler 10P3

A Carmody 10P4

V Carter 10P5

A Coull 10P6

C Clifton 10P7

G Rowan 10P8

C Bethel 10P9

R Thompson 10P10

L Howard 10P11

G Charalambous 10P12

S Bowden 10P13


L Oxley 11P1

G Bowen 11P2

R Lucas 11P3

C Tindal 11P4

D Farleigh 11P5

M Knott 11P6

N Holland 11P7

A Bown 11P8

M Miller 11P9

S Trimingham  11P10

C Cornish 11P11

S Kemp 11P12

K Greaves 11P13