Day 1: Having loaded and boarded the coach at 11.45pm on Wednesday 7th February, the journey to Belgium began! A long trek involving minimal sleep BUT great excitement, we eventually arrived to a glorious sunrise at Dover.

After an enjoyable crossing of the Channel followed by a three hour road trip, we arrived in Brussels. First, we visited the Music Museum where we saw the smallest pocket violin in the world! Afterwards, we went to the Grand Place where the buildings were exquisite. We then made our way to Antwerp for a lovely evening meal (at the Hard Rock Cafe) and a welcome night’s sleep!

Day 2: Breakfast was followed by a short journey to a chocolate factory! We all decorated our own chocolate and enjoyed tasting the different chocolates! Once we had spent a few euros (on a few bars of chocolate!), we made our journey to our first concert which was held in a residential home for the elderly. This was a successful and fantastic concert where the residents really enjoyed listening to our performance and were clapping along to our songs!

When we left the concert we were met with a layer of snow. A mass snowball fight took place resulting in everybody being drenched.

After a change of clothes and some evening food we played our second concert of the day, this time in a large church. It went very well.

Day 3: This was the day everyone was most looking forward to. Our trip to Efteling Theme Park in Holland.

It is a theme park based on fairytales. The rides were amazing and great fun was had by all, including the teachers.

The day was finished off with delicious pizzas from Pizza Hut.

Day 4: Leaving day. Bags packed and onto the coach. We had an enjoyable canal boat trip through Bruges, a picturesque town in Belgium.

Then began the long journey home. The Channel ferry crossing was fairly bumpy with large waves visible from the window. Some found this unpleasant but some really enjoyed the experience.

We arrived back in Exmouth on time, looking forward to half-term, as were our hard working Music teachers.

Stevie Mears 8ATP

Belgium Music Tour Spring 2018