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Year nine students were given the opportunity to visit the laboratories at the world class RILD building at Wonford Hospital.

Students were selected by their science teachers, one from each class as a reward for effort shown. Here is what two students had to say about their experience:

“When we went to the Exeter Medical School we were given an introductory talk which explained that a crime had been committed and that we must gather evidence!!

Our first activity was to investigate blood! We learned how important it was to measure how healthy our blood was by looking at pressure, sugar levels and pulse rate. It was interesting to take our own measurements and to see how all the machines worked.  

We then discovered a lot about DNA like the different layers and how to spot a mutation. After that we went to see a man who knew everything about yeast. He showed us the differences between normal and mutated yeast cells and then let us use the top spec microscopes ourselves.

The day was fascinating from start to finish and I can’t believe we got to go in and work in the labs that actual world class scientists conducted their research in!!! Overall it was an extremely informative and enjoyable day and we would love to visit again. Finally we are very thankful to all those at the University of Exeter and Exeter Medical School for making it possible.”


By Saphira Myrie and Josh Lane

Men in White!!!!