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Information for Parent/Carers of students in Year 6 who will attend the College in September 2018

Uniform changes September 2018  

I am writing to inform you that from September 2018 we have decided to change the colour of our trousers and skirts for students from black to dark “steel” grey. This change is only being implemented for the incoming Year 7 for September 2018 with other year groups to follow in subsequent years.

We will notify parents of these changes as soon as possible, but there will be no further changes until September 2019 at the earliest. This should spread the cost for parents. However, if you have older children at the College and you wish to move across to dark grey trousers and skirts after September 2018 then this will be perfectly acceptable.

The skirts will come in two styles with a straight and pleated option. Trousers for both girls and boys will also come in two different styles; contemporary or classic. The items will be from the “Banner Signature” range and can be purchased from Baileys, Proserve and other school uniform suppliers.The prices for each of these items will be the same as for the equivalent black items that are currently sold by Baileys and Proserve.

We are also investigating the possibility of shorts for boys and will release more information on this option in due course.

No changes have been made to any other uniform items or expectations such as skirt length or school shoes.

We are not specifying that the uniform has to be purchased from one particular supplier or brand, but we do expect skirts or trousers purchased from other suppliers to match the style and colour of those from Baileys and Proserve.  If the alternative item does not conform, we will require it to be changed.  By doing this we hope to keep costs down for parents and carers while at the same time helping to ensure that our uniform is consistently worn well by all students. We will keep this decision under review and if many different styles appear we may have to move across to using only one manufacturer in the future.

Images of the new items are below.

At the moment we do not have any imminent plans to change any other aspects of the uniform.  In the future we may undertake a wider consultation to see if there is an appetite for other changes, such as the introduction of a blazer.  Again, these changes would only initially be made for younger students as we are very mindful of the cost of uniform changes for parents and carers.

Thank you for your ongoing support and if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Yours faithfully

Andrew Davis


Many of the transition arrangements remain the same as in previous years, however, we have decided to change the uniform just for Year 7 in September 2018.  The change involves moving away from black trousers and skirts to dark grey for these items.  Both girls and boys trousers will be offered in two styles and the skirts will also be offered in two styles.  We are currently investigating the possibility of shorts for boys in the same colour.

This change will not involve any other year groups currently in the school.

If your child wishes to move across to the new uniform then this is absolutely fine however this will not be compulsory.

The prices for the old black trousers and new grey design will be the same.

At the moment we are reviewing the uniform for September 2019 and it may be the case that we move more students to grey trousers and skirts at this time, however, we will ensure we provide plenty of warning about the change.

We are often asked about blazers and such a major change will entail a much wider review since it is a larger change and therefore this is not planned to happen within the next eighteen months to two years.  If any significant uniform changes are made this will once again initially apply to younger year groups first.

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If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.